RedLine Smoke Pro Leak Detector

RedLine Smoke Pro Leak Detector
RedLine Smoke Pro Leak Detector RedLine Smoke Pro Leak Detector
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Smoke Pro® Total-Tech™
This tool is designed for serious shops and technicians. It is the most advanced smoke machine available to date. This advanced design eliminates the need for nitrogen when testing an EVAP system. The Total-Tech™ operates on White Medicinal Mineral Oil H-1 (baby oil) and does not require annual oil changes. The Total-Tech™ utilizes two stage regulation to precisely deliver smoke or air at the approved EVAP test pressure of 12–14 inches of water column. The Total-Tech™ provides the operator with a pressure gauge as well as a flowmeter. These components allow the technician to test any system using pressure decay in seconds, and to visually detect the rate of leakage on the flowmeter. The Total-Tech™ also incorporates a Flow Control Valve. This valve also allows the technician the versatility to pinpoint a leak without the masking effect of excessive smoke. The Total-Tech’s™ compact design allows the unit to hang under the hood or chassis during testing. Machined from billet aerospace aluminum and stainless steel, the Total-Tech™ is made in America and unconditionally warranted for one full year.
Your Smoke Pro® will effectively locate leaks in any system that contains air. Leaks commonly found in automobiles are rotted, broken or disconnected vacuum lines, leaking gaskets and fittings, cracked or broken plastic components, leaking diaphragms and seats, worn throttle shafts, leaking or cracked exhaust or intake manifolds, (especially plastic intake manifolds), engine blocks, catalytic converters, under dash climate control and central locking system leaks, idle motors and solenoids, brake boosters, charcoal canisters, intercoolers and turbo chargers, wind noise around doors and windows, leaky headlamp and tail lamp housings, you can even bench test radiators and water pumps before installation. One of our customers found a leak in his washing machine at home. Refer to the Manual for test instructions.

Included in the Box
(1) Smoke Pro® Total-Tech®
(1) OEM-Approved Smoke Agent
(1) Halogen Inspection Light
(1) EVAP Service Port Tool
(1) EVAP Schrader Valve Removal Tool
(1) Cap Plug Kit
(1) Exhaust Cone Adapter
(1) Plastic Accessory Case
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