Autoland DOL Diagnostic OnLine

Autoland DOL Diagnostic OnLine
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DOL (Diagnostic OnLine) is a web based tool, the only one of its kind for the aftermarket.

Supports +40 car makes and light trucks.

Always up to date software;When system is turned on it automatically verifies with Online database that latest versions are installed.

New versions are installed FREE!

DOL is available with two different levels of functionality to meet diverse customer requirements:

Level 1 software is always available and included with the purchase of DOL and provide the following functions:

  • Read and Clear codes on Engine/Transmission/ABS/SRS Systems
  • •Oil Service Resets

Level 2 can in addition to the Level 1 capabilities:

  • Read and Clear codes on all systems
  • Live data stream on all systems with graphing capabilities.
  • Activations and limited coding
  • Level 2 software free of charge first year
  • Yearly subscription $425

System has Skype and Team Viewer that lets the mechanic share and discuss vehicle problems with peers and support at different locations using the Internet.

Includes is a 90-day free trial of Autodata Information Service specially created for the independent repair shop.Covers maintenance, service. Diagnostics and repairs. Now includescolor wiring diagrams and component locationsalways at your fingertips.

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